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Sygate Personal Firewall v5.6.2808 - best freeware firewall
rjhExtensions v1.2 - windows shell extension
P-Encryption Lite - encrypt freeware
IrfanView v4.37 - image viewer / irfan view
NetWorx v5.2.1.1 - monitor bandwidth
VirtualDub v1.10.4.35491
Up2Date v1.2 - system tray notifier
Phoeniixz WallPapa v1.0.4.2 - automatic wallpaper changer
PhoneTray Free - free caller id software
Easter Bunny Screen Saver - freeware version
Moyea FLV Editor Lite - freeware version
Undersea Screen Saver - freeware
Checkers v1.3 - free checkers
Panorama 32 - change wallpaper automatically
Registry Programmer v1.1 - rogramming utility
Securepoint Personal Firewall & VPN Client - last freeware version
nikiTIME v3.1.2160.1904 - synchronize computer clock automatically
Disasteroids II - Asteroids acrade game clone
WinCRC v1.0 - compute file crc
CCleaner v3.13.1600 - clean temporary files / hard drive
Install Windows 7 on Mac - Using Boot Camp
Cubemaster 2000 v4.3 - new freeware tetris clone
BSPlayer v2.58 Build 1053 Beta - free video player
TransText v1.20 - transparent icon background
RemoteKeys v8.4.6 - freeware automate
Famous Quotations - quotations screensaver
VirtualDub v1.10.0 Build 33848 - freeware video editor
Hexer v2.0 - convert numbers
Easy Duplicate Finder v3.1.1.34 - find duplicate files
WebTV Viewer - view web tv
ZDDesk - virtual windows desktops
SiteChecker v3.5.2 - verify html files
TotalCopy v1.20 - fast copy windows replacement
Tom's eText Reader - ebook reader
Valentine's Teddy Bears Theme - cute little teddies on your desktop
File Shredder v3.02 - shred hard drive blocks
Desert Sunset - desktop theme download
Japos Merge File v1.04 - merge split files
Wallpaper Robot - free wallpaper changer
Alhademic Tetrix v1.0 - free tetris clone
Mirror v1.04 - mirror folders
WinDate v2.41 - show time / date
SimpleHTML v2.3 - free text html edtior with preview
IPX Local Chat v1.24a - freeware chat local network
C4U v1.3 - freeware to track websites
Xmap32 v160-A
BSPlayer v2.55 - windows media player replacement
tcpIQ Dictionary v1.1 - tcpIQ dictionary free version
Spinel Clean and Tidy v1.5 - clean temporary files
Notepad++ v5.7 - programming language editor
Radian v1.0.0.76 - free program launcher
IrfanView v4.27 - irfan view image viewer
Dead Pixel Buddy - check dead pixels
Laser Tank v4.1 - shooting game
gAlwaysIdle v3b - change google status to idle
Merge v2.1 - blend images photos
Groone's Macroer v2.6 - macro script
ZipCentral v4.01 - open zip files
GRL RealHidden v1.0 - hide file inside another file
ASCII Table v2.01 - ascii values from keyboard
JPG Cleaner v2.6 - clean jpg
CamStudio v2.1 - capture desktop
Micro Net Utilities v0.15 - freeware network utilities package
Process Hacker v1.9 - view / edit running processes
DJ Earworm United State of Pop 2009 - top 25 hits mix
VirtualDub v1.9.8 - freeware video editor
Relocate Without Reinstalling - change of address/32
Shuffler III r4 - random jukebox
WebZard HTML v1.1 - simple html editor
Unziplify v1.3 - file unzipper
CabExtract v1.02 - extract cab archives
Daily Scripture v1.6 - bible scriptures
Ceren Backup v1.7 - backup tool
AlfaMini v1.5 - freeware countdown clock and stopwatch
NetTime v1.0 - correct PC clock / time
Graph Paper Printer v3.12 - print graphing paper
Agile Body Mass Index Calculator v2.0 - calculate body mass index bmi
Drive Dumper v0.06 - copy hard drive data
TweakPrefetch v2.2.0.1 - tweak prefetch and superfetch
DefragDrives v4.3.0.1 - vista version
DefragDrives v4.3.0.1
SoomSoom v1.1.284 - associate files
Logger v1.2.2 - log window titles / names
IniManager v2.0 - ini editor

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